Custom Design

Custom Design Cushion Chairs

Design Collaboration:

Making custom chair cushions is a collaborative process between you and a skilled craftsman or designer. It starts with sharing your vision, inspiration, and specific design elements you want to implement. From the material to the color, from the frame structure to the type of bearing, every detail is carefully discussed and refined until it meets your wishes.

Material Selection and Workmanship:

The choice of material greatly influences the aesthetics and durability of the chair. Be it luxurious leather, durable fabric, or a combination of both, selection plays a very important role. Skills are just as important. Skillful hands bring your designs to life, ensuring precision construction and quality that guarantees comfort and longevity.

Custom Design Metal Chair Furnitures

In the world of furniture design, the allure of custom-made metal chairs is unmistakable. These pieces, born from a blend of artistic creativity and durable craftsmanship, stand as testaments to innovation and style. Crafting a custom metal furniture chair involves a journey that merges functionality with aesthetics, resulting in a piece that exudes elegance and endurance.

A custom metal furniture chair is a beautiful fusion of form and function. The design process begins with understanding the purpose of the chair and your aesthetic preferences. It involves not only the visual appeal but also the ergonomics and practical aspects, ensuring that the chair serves its purpose while elevating the ambiance of its intended space.



While browsing our collection, you might fall in love with a design and that’s what you have in mind. Or, you may be crazy about the way it looks, but it doesn’t suit your needs. That’s when you need to know that there are unseen possibilities behind everything you see. Our custom furniture arrangements can be tailored to your needs and tastes – across a beautiful spectrum of colors. And you can trust that everything you see has been carefully considered and manufactured with special attention to quality, function and detail. Follow these simple steps and start creating your own interior solutions, whether it’s making personalized seat cushions, various kinds of chairs, etc.


Step one is about finding the shape and style you like. If it’s a sofa you are looking for, check out the sofa overview, where we have a curated selection of our sofa designs. Whether it’s curved or straight, sharp lines or soft shapes – here is your overview of sofa systems to fit any contemporary taste. Choose your favourite design – maybe it’s the Osaka collection – and you’re ready for the next step. If you are looking for a dining chair, it’s the same process; go to the overview page, find your favourite collection and get ready to make it your own.


Once you have found a design you love, its time to make sure it fits your home. Remember that we are not able to show everything online – but if you have your heart set on a specific piece, check the product details to find all relevant measurements. If you are in doubt, visit us and have a talk with our talented team members on how to integrate and optimise your space. Once you have the perfectly sized designer piece, you’re on to step 3 where you indulge in fine materials and exciting colours.


Whether you have your heart set on a dining chair, sofa or table – the task is alike; It’s time for colours and surfaces. Here on our website you can start playing around and design your own sofa, choose the right colour of fronts on the custom wall unit and make the designs fit your personal style. Want to feel the touch of our quality leather in person – visit a store and get first-hand experience along with guidance from our talented interior designers.


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