Jepara Industrial Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool

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Name: Jepara Industrial Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 78 cm
Volume: 0,13 m³

Jepara, an Indonesian town known for its exquisite furniture craftsmanship, has embraced the industrial design trend while maintaining its legacy of exceptional woodworking. The Jepara Industrial Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool stands as a testament to this fusion, combining the warmth and beauty of teak wood with the ruggedness of iron to create a unique piece of furniture.

Materials and Construction:

  • Teak Wood: Renowned for its durability, resistance to elements, and beautiful natural grain, teak wood forms the seat, backrest, or even the entire structure of this bar stool. Craftsmen from Jepara often showcase their skill by emphasizing the natural characteristics of teak, ensuring each piece carries its unique aesthetic.
  • Iron: The iron framework or legs of the bar stool embody the industrial aspect. The use of iron adds a stark contrast to the warmth of teak, lending an edgy and contemporary feel. The iron components are crafted to provide stability and durability, contributing to the stool's overall robustness.

Design and Features:

  • Industrial Aesthetics: The industrial design elements in the Jepara Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool usually include clean lines, minimalistic or raw finishes, and a sturdy appearance that resonates with the industrial trend.
  • Craftsmanship: Jepara's furniture crafting tradition shines through in the fine detailing, ensuring a harmonious blend of industrial and artisanal work.
  • Versatility: The bar stool is designed to complement a variety of interior styles, from industrial lofts to modern apartments or even more traditional settings, offering adaptability in diverse spaces.

Functionality and Usage:

  • Designed for bar counters, kitchen islands, or high tables, the Jepara Industrial Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool offers functionality with style, catering to both residential and commercial settings.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance may involve cleaning and treating the teak wood to preserve its natural beauty and applying protective coatings to the iron parts to prevent corrosion.

When seeking a Jepara Industrial Teak Wood Iron Bar Stool, it's beneficial to review product details, materials used, design aesthetics, and maintenance recommendations provided by manufacturers or sellers. Exploring customer reviews and understanding care instructions can assist in making an informed decision.

To view and purchase these specific bar stools, consider visiting furniture stores specializing in Indonesian furniture or exploring online retailers focusing on Jepara's craft and industrial designs.


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