Sahara Teak And Metal Bar Stool

Name: Sahara Teak And Metal Bar Stool
Dimension: 45 x 43 x 75 cm
Volume: 0,15 m³

A Sahara Teak and Metal Bar Stool is a piece of furniture designed for use in bar areas, kitchen counters, or high tables. These stools often combine the natural aesthetic of teak wood with the durability and sleekness of metal.

The Sahara Teak and Metal Bar Stool typically exhibits a mix of teak wood and metal in its construction. Teak, known for its sturdiness and elegant grain patterns, is used for the seat and sometimes the backrest. The seat might be contoured for comfort and could have a smooth finish to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

The frame and legs are usually made of metal, often powder-coated for durability and resistance to rust. The metal parts might come in various colors or finishes, like black, silver, or copper, adding a modern touch to the stool's design.


  • Teak wood seat and sometimes backrest for a natural and aesthetic appeal.
  • Metal frame and legs for stability and sturdiness.
  • Footrests for added comfort.
  • Varying heights to suit different counter or bar heights.
  • Some stools might be adjustable in height.

Usage: These bar stools are commonly used in kitchen islands, bars, or high tables in homes, restaurants, or bars. The combination of teak and metal allows these stools to complement various interior designs, from rustic to contemporary.

Maintenance: Teak wood requires occasional maintenance to preserve its appearance. It might need periodic oiling or sealing to protect it from moisture and maintain its luster. Metal parts usually require simple cleaning to maintain their appearance.

When searching for a specific Sahara Teak and Metal Bar Stool, it's advisable to check the product descriptions, customer reviews, and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer or seller.

Remember, actual designs and features might vary among different manufacturers or sellers. For the most accurate information or to view the product, it's best to refer to furniture stores, manufacturers, or online retailers specializing in such bar stools.


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